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Below are a variety of handouts that will be used regularly during your academic career. If you run out of (or lose) a particular handout, you can print another copy from here.

*If the handout you are looking for is not here, go to the Clinic Handouts page.
Course Packet Contents (download full course packet)
     – Applied Trumpet Syllabus
     – The Trumpet Player's Practice Compendium
          – Applied Lesson Notes
          – Scale Routine
          – Weekly Planner
          – Student Practice Journal (Example, click here)
          – Arban Checklist
     – Daily Warm Up

Play-Along Tracks
- simple tracks to help with intonation and tone development
     – Long Tones (see "Daily Warm Up" for music)
          – for B-flat trumpet
          – for C trumpet
          – for E-flat trumpet
     – Tuning Drones
          – Drones from C3 to C5
          – Drones in octaves
          – Drones in 5ths
     – Cichowicz Long Tone Studies (available for purchase)
          – for B-flat trumpet
          – for C trumpet
          – for E-flat trumpet
     – Smooth Air Movement (found in The Brass Gym by Sam Pilafian and Patrick Sheridan)
          – for B-flat trumpet
          – for C trumpet
          – for E-flat trumpet
     – Trumpet Scale Routine (play-along for B-flat trumpet)

Performance Assessment (to be filled out after studio performance and general recital performance)

Jury Form (for an example form, click here)

Recital Checklist

Recommended Mobile Apps
     – Metronome
     – TonalEnergy - tuner (equal and just temperaments) and drone generator
     – forScore - transfer your iPad into a digital music stand (with many more features)
     – LamarMobile - access Lamar info on the go
     – Recordium - audio recorder that allows half speed replay without distorting sound
     – iReal Pro
     – GroupMe